Conference Russian Arbitration Day 2022

«New Horizons of International Arbitration. Issue 1»

Published within RAD 2013, edited by Asoskov А.V., Khodykin R.М, Vilkova N.G. The digest includes the following articles (presented alphabetically):

Bélot F. “The New French Law on Arbitration”;

Chuprunov I.С. “Arbitrability: Applicable Law and Impact of Overriding Mandatory Rules of Law“;

Doronina N.G., Semilyutina N.G. “Legal Issues Associated with the Procedure for Resolving Investment Disputes and the Development of Russian Legislation on Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures”;

Dralle Т. “A Future Bilateral Investment Treaty Between Russia and the European Union – How will Investors Fare?”;

Karamanova Zh. “How Confidential is Confidential? Topical Issues of Confidentiality in Arbitration”;

Panov А.А. “The Principle of "Jura Novit Curia" in International Commercial Arbitration”;

Pozdnyakov V.S. “International Commercial Arbitration in the Russian Federation: Law, Rules, Comments”;

Rubinina Е.А. “Privileges in Evidence in International Arbitration Involving Russian Businesses”;

Shemelin D.А. “Change of Standard of Proof in International Arbitration”;

Yadykin А.I. “The Institute of "Anti-suit Injunctions” and Its Applicability by Russian Courts in the Context of Arbitration Proceedings”;

Yagelnitskiy А.А., Petrol О.D. “Temporal Application of Arbitration Rules”;

Zykov Р.О. “Annulment of Arbitral Award in a State Other Than the Seat of Arbitration”.