Conference Russian Arbitration Day 2022

If you have a new and exciting topic to speak about at the Conference, then you are required to fill in Report Plan and send it to the RAD moderators. A preliminary selection of candidates will be conducted by RAD moderators based on Report Plans following the criteria listed below.


  1. Novelty
    In the course of selection, priority will be given to authors submitting reports on novel and currently relevant topic, which has not yet been explored in Russian literature or has not been explored enough
  2. Substantial and through theoretical analysis of the topic raised Authors are expected to analyze and review contemporary literature (published both in Russia and abroad) and relevant court and arbitration practice.
  3. Practical value
    All other conditions being equal, moderators will look at whether your report has any practical value.
  4. Other criteria
    All other conditions being equal, academic status and scientific degrees and practical work experience in international arbitration will be taken into account. Candidates may attach to their report plan a draft article which will be considered when applying the above criteria

Additionally, you may familiarize with comments by moderators Аnton Asoskov and Roman Khodykin on the criteria for selecting reports and speakers, mentioned at RAD 2018.

The organizers and moderators hereby reserve the right to invite acknowledged Russian and foreign experts and specialists in the field of arbitration to speak at RAD outside the abovementioned formalities.

Report Plan is to be submitted by filling in the specified form and sent to Conference moderators (exclusively via email simultaneously to the three addresses provided below):

Roman Khodykin:

Galina Zukova:

Julia Zagonek:

Conference Report Preparation Stages:

25.10.2021 – Submission of report plans to the moderators.

01.11.2021 – Submission of draft reports to the moderators.

12.11.2021 – Speakers selection by the results of examining report plans and draft reports.

03.12.2021 – Submission of articles to be published in the digest by selected candidates.

20.12.2021 – Comments to be sent by the moderators on how to improve the content of articles / notice given to authors on articles not complying with the set quality standards.

03.02.2022 – Submission of finalized versions of articles.

05.04.2022 – RAD conference.