Conference Russian Arbitration Day 2022

«New Horizons of International Arbitration. Issue 4”»

Published within RAD 2018, edited by Asoskov А.V., Khodykin R.М., Muranov А.I. The digest includes the following articles (presented alphabetically):

Alekhin S.N., Shmatenko L.G. “Corruption in Investor-State Arbitration – It Takes Two to Tango”;

Davydenko D.L. “Russia and the UNCITRAL Instruments on Enforcement of International Commercial Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation”;

Grishchenkova А.V. “Some Psychological Aspects of Arbitrator Decision-Making”;

Kalinin М.S. “Arbitrability of Disputes and the Russian Doctrine of “Concentration of Important Public Elements”;

Magid А.М. “Ways to Implement Arbitration by Default”;

Morozov S.V. “Third-Party Funding of Arbitration: International Experience and Possible Use in Russia”;

Partasides C. “Rediscovering the Lost Promise of International Arbitration”;

Pentsov D.А. “Development of Norms of International Sports Law in Awards of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and Decisions of the Swiss Federal Tribunal Rendered in 2016-2017”;

Petrol О.D. “Prospects of Inheritance Arbitration in Russia”;

Prusskaya I.Y. “Counsels’ Ethics in International Arbitration”;

Schneider М.Е. “Interactive Arbitrators? Optimistic Proposals and Cultural Baggage”;

Suspitcyna I.I. “Assistance of Arbitrators in Settlement between the Parties”;

Tsvetkova О.А. “Illegal Evidence in International Arbitration: Time for a Uniform Approach?”.