Conference Russian Arbitration Day 2022

«New Horizons of International Arbitration. Issue 6”»

Published within RAD 2020, edited by Asoskov А.V., Zhiltsov А.N., Khodykin R.М. The digest includes the following articles (presented alphabetically):

Abushakhmanov Т.Z. “Extinctive Prescription in Investor-State Dispute Settlement”;

Andreev D.А. “Remission in Arbitration: Theory and Practice”;

Bonifassi S., Darwazeh N., Fedorova Е.P. “Toolkit for Arbitrators: Guidelines on Corruption and Money Laundering in International Arbitration”;

Brekoulakis S. “Transnational Public Policy in International Arbitration”;

Burova Е.S. “Investment Arbitration as a Two-Line Highway: Counterclaims by States against Investors in Light of the Recent Arbitral Practice and New Generation Investment Treaties”;

Camilerri S., Sakhno D.К. “English Loopholes and Russian Bankruptcies”;

Ivanov S.D., Shagalov А.V. “Cross-Institutional Consolidation of Arbitral Proceedings”;

Kisliakova N.N. “In Search of a Balance between Due Process, Procedural Efficiency and Party Autonomy: The Example of the Court of Arbitration for Sport”;

Kröll S. “Arbitrating with Insolvent Parties in the European Union – Different Perspectives on Conflict of Laws Questions”;

Landau Т. “Dysfunctional Deliberations and Effective Advocacy”;

Pentsov D.А. “Future of Trust Arbitration in Russia”;

Rivkin D.W. “A New Contract between Arbitrators and Parties”;

Vesel S. “Reasons for Reasons: Implications for ICSID Annulment of the Procedural Nature of the Requirements to State Reasons”.