Conference Russian Arbitration Day 2022


RAD Arbitration Award was first established within the framework of RAD 2019. This is a prize awarded for the best research was in the field of arbitration.

To date, the winners of the RAD Award include:

  1. 1. Alexander Grebelskiy, PhD in Law, Senior Professor of the S. N. Lebedev Department for International Private and Civil Law, MGIMO, for his research on “Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration” (RAD 2019).
  2. 2. Aleksey Zaitsev, PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Civil Proceedings Department at the Saratov State Law Academy, member of the editorial team of the “Arbitration” journal and an arbitrator, for his treatise “The History of Arbitral Tribunals and Legal Proceedings in Russia (XIV — early XX century)” (RAD 2020).

In 2022, the jury will continue granting the award.

The award is aimed at promoting an in-depth research of problematic arbitration related issues and supporting Russian authors exploring this topic.

Submitted researches must meet the following criteria:

– The subject of the research must be arbitral proceedings;

– Any format is acceptable, except for commentaries and textbooks;

– The author of the research must be a Russian national;

– The research must be first published (on a tangible medium or online) after January 1, 2020;

– The research must be in either Russian or English.

RAD 2022 moderators will perform as the jury of the Award. Any person may nominate a research for winning the RAD Award. For nomination, please send the text of the research with details on its author and publication to the moderators’ email addresses below:

Roman Khodykin:

Galina Zukova:

Yulia Zagonek:

The Award fund will be determined not later than the date of the Conference.